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approach procedures for Saldanha (FASD)



S 32 57 48  E 17 58 12
RWY 02/20
Frq 122.7


Inbound aircraft MUST broadcast on 122.5 MHz when in Langebaanweg's airspace and will normaly be advised to change frequency to 122.7 when they have the airfield in site or when overhead the airfield. When no ATC is on duty, do a TIBA broadcast on 122.7 when you have the airfield in site.

* Aircraft shall join the circuit at 1500 ft altitude

* Standard left-hand circuits at 1000 ft altitude will be flown for both runways at all times.

* Aircraft will observe the traffic pattern / wind direction overhead the Aiport and then descend on the "non active" so as to join the circuit on a crosswind position at 1000 ft altitude.

No aircraft may be parked within the refuelling area in such a way as to impair the access to the fuel bay or access to the hangers in the area. Aircraft parked for refuelling may never be left unattended, and only the PIC will be allowed in the refuelling area.

Please adhere to general AIRMANSHIP rules and be curteous at all times.