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pics of mini air show at Langebaan dinner

approach procedures for Saldanha (FASD)

S 32 57 48  E 17 58 12
RWY 02/20
Frq 122.7


Have you ever dreamed of flying? Now this can become a reality at a Flying School that is both enjoyable and affordable. Based at Saldanha Airfield on the West Coast, Johann Froneman is the owner and instructor with more than 25 years experience.

Instruction is given on Trikes, Gyrocopters and fixed wing LSA aircraft, with qualifications of MPL, GPL NPL (Sports Pilots Licences).



Johann Froneman, an A Grade Instructor NPL, MPL and GPL, heads up the operation and has had more than 27 years of flying experience with 17 years of instructing. He is an AP on Microlights, Gyro's and Home Builts.


Polaris AM-FIB