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S 32 57 48  E 17 58 12
RWY 02/20
Frq 122.7

Where it all began with Johann:

The Hang & Bleed Flyer (1980)

Birdman & 10 Hp Croder (1980)

Flying an Eagle (1980)

Didi a trip from Pretoria to Durban in
this Rally 3B (1st in SA) in 1981

Waiting for next passenger
in Rally 3B

Rally 2B single seater

Bought the first MAC - CDL in 1983
built by Colin & Dougy Little in Durban

MAC - CDL landed in Durban after
a rally of 7 days

Crop Spraying in self designed Trike
in Stofberg 1992

Now ???